About us

A two-day workshop at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, Washington, for collaborators and other researchers working toward the interconnection of genomic, proteomic, and protein structure data. Our ultimate goal is to tie together genetic variation data with protein level information, by using the four established resources (and others, yet to be determined) as a driving force:

This workshop is funded by the NSF grants IIS-1636903 and IIS-1636804 BD Spokes: PLANNING: WEST: Collaborative: Increasing collaborations in proteogenomics applications of genetic data


Eric Deutsch

Senior Research Scientist

Andreas Prlić

Technical and Scientific Team Lead RCSB Protein Data Bank

Peter Rose

Director Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Gwênlyn Glusman

Terry Farrah

Jennifer Dougherty